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A Big Update to ‘Bigscreen’ Boosts Room Sizes, Video Quality, & Quest Performance

A Big Update to ‘Bigscreen’ Boosts Room Sizes, Video Quality, & Quest Performance

AltspaceVR includes live shows, meetups, classes, and is accessible on a number of VR headsets. Although it’s not the most lively platform as it once was in the early days of VR, you the basic functionality is all there, and the community engagement is still impressively high. Check out all the upcoming events here.

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Microsoft to Talk About the Future of XR in Ignite 2021 Keynote Hosted in ‘AltspaceVR’

A friend literally just asked me whether there was a way to hang out with people in VR. Excellent timing on a very useful article!

You can use some of these apps for tours. VTime is a great place to upload 360 and stereoscopic images. We use it to tour Japan with people once a month. We also tour people in a more interactive Japanese samurai Recroom world.

20 Free Games & Apps Quest 2 Owners Should Download First

Immersed VR is super effective for if you want to be productive in VR solo and/or with your remote team as well!

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You ever wanted to have a bored, angry 7 year old run up and scream profanity at you, because his parents grounded him? VRChat is *YOUR* game!

And don’t we all want a ticked off Russian hacker, with a brewing hatred of Americans, spam your eyeballs with nauseating effects and hardcore porn via his custom build virus shader? VRChat is the only game in town!

don’t overlook the creation tools in Rec Room: most of the popular rooms are entirely user creations, from the maps to the objects within, lighting and the logic governing it all

and it’s all created from within VR itself. There’s hardly anything as amazing as scaling a block in your own hands or quickly moving a huge and weightless tree to another spot

Great, now all I need to do is convince my friends to finally buy VR systems instead of spending their money on stupid toys and books for their kids.

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